New Jewelry Website

I have been selling my jewelry almost exclusively through the Etsy Marketplace since I formed Artulia Jewelry in 2009. After over 10,000 jewelry orders on Etsy, thousands of 5 star reviews from my customers, with hundreds of handmade jewelry pieces for sale, I am excited to reach a broader audience by launching my own ecommerce website. Artulia Jewelry was a dream that I started while living in Austin, Texas; the dream to create wearable art that I love making and my customers love wearing. I am incredibly grateful to continue making jewelry over 10 years later from my home in Chicago, Illinois.

New Inspiration

In March of 2019, my husband and I took a much needed break by taking off on a once-in-a-lifetime 3 month trip through Asia. We visited 10 countries zig zagging our way from Thailand all the way down to remote islands in Indonesia. You can see some photos from our trip @earthuntapped. I took every opportunity I had to look at the jewelry that was being made abroad and gathered so many new ideas for new jewelry pieces to create. One such idea, translated into these .

Other ideas came when we had an exciting and unexpected stop at a pearl farm in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam. I had the good fortune to visit an active pearl farm and purchase authentic Vietmenese saltwater pearls directly from the source. I have some very special plans for those pearls, so stay tuned! In addition to the salt water pearls, I also plan to begin working with raw diamonds and more precious gemstones.

When we returned from our trip, we were both inspired to get to work envisioning the next stage of Artulia Jewelry.


The first step in this journey of revamping and rebranding Artulia Jewelry began with my jewelry photography. My husband studied photography in college where we met, and though he doesn’t do photography professionally, has maintained his passion for the medium. I wanted a clean, modern aesthetic that would show off the jewelry without getting in the way. We experimented with a number of different ideas before formalizing the photos you see now on this website. Then we began the process of creating roughly 10 photographs per item so that we could truly showcase each piece of jewelry.

Once we started to reach critical mass with the new photographs being added to my Etsy Shop, my husband exercised his real profession in developing my new website with Shopify. So far, Shopify has been wonderful... an easy to use interface with great features and integration. My goal was to reach more customers while not letting technology get in the way.

New Work

As we neared having the website ready to launch, there was something else that felt like it deserved a revamp: my logo. Artulia is an idea; a play on the words “Art” and a feminine “ia” ending. Modern design and simple lines has always been a staple of my work. The new logo is based on a mathematical representation of the Golden Ratio - showing how nature influences design.

Finally, with my new photographs in place and my new logo shining up top, we released! Along with the launch, I also added this Rainbow Moonstone Gold & Silver Ring, Pink Opal Beaded Silver Ring, and colorful Fire Opal Silver Ring. Over the coming weeks, I can’t wait to share with you my new pieces, new gemstones such as: Raw Diamonds, Salt water pearls, Rubies, Natural Opal, Garnets, Rainbow Moonstone, and so much more.

If you are a returning customer, thank you so much for your support over the years as you helped make the dream of Artulia Jewelry come true! If you are new to my work, welcome and I hope you find a piece of jewelry that catches your eye.

If you are interested in more than just the end product, consider subscribing down below to get notices for when I add new blog posts. I plan to use this blog to discuss my designs, show more behind-the-scenes in my workshop, and to announce new designs, features, and more.